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betoucan art map

Art is where you are!

betoucan is an art map application where you can add your own art spots and get information about the art spots around you.

For collectors; it is a great way to discover what is new around you and it is an invitation for you to go and see the artwork you are actually interested in.

If you are an artist you can add your studio to the map, so that the art lovers can easily find you and contact you to visit your studio and meet you in person.

If you are a street artist you can add all your artworks either for your own records or just to tell the world that it was you.  

When you are traveling around, observing the fabulous sculpture made by a great artist just in front of you, sometimes you admire it so much that you think you should definitely share it with others who care about it as much as you do.

Go ahead, add an art spot!

You can also find information about museums, galleries, auction houses or even the art centers to go for a workshop you are looking forward to…

download link from the app store
download link from google play

App Screens


Key Features


Version 1.1 (04.01.2019)

  • Search the art map and view all the nearest museums, galleries, auction houses, artists’ studios, street arts or public arts.

  • Contact the art centers, reach out to artists.

  • Write comments for the next visitors.

  • Add a new art spot that you think is valuable and provide necessary information to share.

       More features will be coming soon...


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